Being in musical theatre has been a dream of yours for as long as you can remember.  You’ve studied with the best, taking voice lessons from a pro and fine-tuning your skills.  But, despite your best efforts, you’re still not landing roles.  Why aren’t you getting cast?  Here’s what Backstage has to say.

Your audition selection may not be personal enough

Seasoned singers are able to tell a story through song while revealing something about themselves to the audience.  Singing the words without actually connecting with what you’re sharing means the audience can’t connect either.  Your job at the audition is to take responsibility for sharing your truth and your perspective and showcasing this in lyrical form.  That’s what makes people perk up and take notice.

There is no clear beginning, middle, and an end to your audition routine

Without these parameters, a song cannot be effective.  It’s important to divide your performance into sections based on what you want the audience to understand.  This will give your story a guided path and helps it to make sense to those hearing it.  For example, if you’re sharing a life lesson, consider dividing this into I made a mistake; I learned from it; And, this is what I’ll do moving forward.  This journey is depicted by the words of the song you choose to sing and the way you deliver this message.

You haven’t prepared enough

If you head to the stage without practicing the story you’re about to tell, chances are good you won’t land the part.  If you can’t come across as serious about what you’re doing with all of the passion of an artist who truly wants to succeed, the performance will flop.  And you cannot possibly exude passion if you haven’t practiced.  Remember, preparation doesn’t mean you can’t interject some creative spontaneity into your routine.  It just means you’re giving yourself some direction to ensure you pull it off.  You can still be emotional and invested in what you’re sharing without totally ‘winging’ it.

Succeeding in musical theatre isn’t easy and having a great singing voice isn’t enough.  You have to truly want to deliver a stand out performance.  And, just as with any other facet of the industry, you have to have a passion for performing and make sure you give it your all every time you’re on stage.  If you do, your audience will feel it, and it’s this passion that will land you the part.

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