Brooklyn Decker has a diverse portfolio – from having appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition to starring in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie, to running her own digital fashion app.  And, she maintains career balance almost as well as she juggles looking good while raising kids.  To manage this, Decker swears by a six-step nighttime skin care routine.

“I call this my church routine,” Decker says, “because I actually most of the time go to bed with my makeup on – beauty sin number one.  I can sin all week then go to church on Sunday by doing this routine and my skin forgives me.”

First, the star removes all the leftover layers of makeup with a cleansing balm.  She takes care to remove any excess eye makeup with a cotton pad.  Then, she washes her face thoroughly with a retinol-based deep cleanser.

“I used to have really bad acne before I had kids, all these zits right here,” she admits, pointing to her blemishes.  By cleansing, she’s able to remove buildup from her pores and prevent her pimples from spreading.

When Decker was pregnant, she says she was advised against using retinol, so she opted for iS Clinical’s Pro-Heal Serum Advance Plus instead. “What I love about this is it’s great for anti-aging and fighting acne, which I had a lot of when I was pregnant but I’m using it after because it’s awesome,” she explains. “And like I said, this is church, it’s all about healing the damage from the week.”

The next step includes a lightweight self-tanning face drop. “The first time I tried this I put eight drops into my hands and applied it like a face oil.  Woke up with an orange face, don’t recommend that,” she admits.

Decker adds seven drops of the serum with four drops of the tanner and rubs the concoction in the palm of her hand for a few seconds before patting it into her skin. “I’ll wake up glowy – like you might have gone on a jog and the sun kissed my cheeks,” she says. “It’s not a tan, it’s not bronze, just a little bit glowy.”

Finally, the star makes sure her lips aren’t left out by applying a balm before bed.  Then, she enjoys a bottle of caffeine-free mango-flavored tea while she unwinds with one of her favorite books.  This helps melt the stress of the day away and keeps her skin looking great.

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