Flipping through magazines and taking note of the products advertised may seem like a good place to start when selecting which makeup trends you should be sporting.  But everyone’s look is different.  You may quickly find that despite accurately following advice, certain shades are totally different on you than in the editorial spread.  Your best bet is opting for those that are best for your individual tone, according to the experts at Makeup.com.

Very light skin

It can be especially tough trying to find a foundation that blends nicely with ultra-fair skin.  Even the lightest beiges or ivories seem to stand out, creating unwanted lines that simply won’t disappear into the rest of your palette.  Instead of trying to match the shade perfectly, consider leaving skin exposed.  Opt for a tone-enhancing moisturizer instead, and add soft corals and pinks to your cheeks, lips, and lids.  This will give a flawless finish that enhances your skin’s natural beauty rather than causing an unnecessary distraction.

Medium shades

This is one of the simpler palettes to start with.  Medium skin is easily enhanced with a matching foundation for the base topped with golds, bronzes, and honey shades.  There is a range of foundations available, so make sure to find the one that fits.  You can make your skin glow and look tanner than it really is with a color-matching bronzer.  Medium skin looks great with some shimmer, too.  Adding a soft pink to your cheeks and lips, and a light brown to your lids will finish the look.  Or, you might opt for more dramatic eyes or lips, selecting darker shades perfect for an evening out.

Dark skin

Deeper skin tones pair best with vibrant colors.  This is a fun palette to work with!  Avoid trying an overall color that is too light.  Match your foundation to your liking or skip it altogether.  Then add a pop of color.  Even adding some eccentric colors such as bright purple, pink, red, or yellow will help you to stand out and be your bold, beautiful self.  So, dare to experiment a bit, and step outside your comfort zone to quickly discover which shades you like best.

Choosing makeup that matches your natural tone and enhances your beauty is key.  It’s great to get ideas from others, but when it comes down to it, you’ll want to work with shades that compliment your own unique appearance.

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