It’s essential to stay healthy so you can get out there, stay out there, and give this entertainment thing your best shot.  Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to feel our best.  Often there are some everyday ailments that prevent us from being productive, and it’s important to know what to do to combat the most common culprits brought on by stress, according to WebMD.

A Pain in the – head

Whether you suffer from sinus or allergy issues during certain times of the year, you’re plagued by migraines or you occasionally get stress headaches, having this pain can be downright debilitating. What’s the best way to get relief?  Drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Dehydration can bring on many common body aches and pains you’ll want to avoid.  Bringing plenty of H2O is the best way to keep muscles from tensing too much.

Energy-less exhaustion

Being overly tired can also bring on many unwanted symptoms, including stomach aches, headaches, and irritability.  So, make sure to get enough rest each night.  Develop a set sleeping routine and stick to it.  Read a book, journal, or meditate.  Use essential oils or take a bath before crawling into bed. Listen to white noise, power on a fan, or drift off to dream land with some tunes.  Whatever works best for you.  Staying away from your phone or television while winding down can also be helpful.  As can limiting food and water intake a few hours beforehand.  Always avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening.  If it takes a while for your mind to settle down, call it a night a bit earlier than you would normally would and give your mind some time to calm down.

Tummy trouble

If you have a sensitive stomach, it may be helpful to stick to a special, restricted diet.  Stay away from any food allergens, even if they give you only a mild upset.  Also stay away from any indigestion inducing foods or anything too acidic.  Sometimes stomach aches can be brought on by stress, so try some anti-anxiety techniques, such as mindful breathing and meditation, and carry an acid-reducer with you just in case.

Keeping stress at a minimum really can go a long way.  Try some stress-reducing techniques and stick to what works best for you.  It’s also important to get enough rest no matter how busy life gets and to make this a priority.  A close support network is also fundamental for avoiding stress-induced aches and pains.  Schedule a social activity unrelated to work or call a close friend when you’re in need of some down time.  It’s all about moderation – practicing self-care is critical to sustaining a busy work schedule.

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