If you are enjoying your experience as an actor or model and are thinking about getting your pet involved, too, so you can spend more time together, there are a few things you should know.  Some of the criteria for human castings will also translate to your beloved fur friend.  Here’s some suggestions from Hill’s Pet.

Friendliness Will Not Be Forgotten

Whether you’re hoping for your pet to make it onto the big screen or land a modeling gig, they must be able to interact effectively with humans.  This means, they have to be obedient and outgoing, and friendly yet focused.  Know which skills are needed and train your fur buddy in these before they start trying out for roles.  Make sure they understand and respond appropriately to commands and act approachable at all times.

A Big Personality

Just the same as humans, animals must have a certain personality to be successful in the industry.  Having the right temperament is key.  You’ll want them to be able to respond not only to what you’re telling them but to the direction of everyone else on the set.  And, they shouldn’t be shy.

That “It” Look

Just as your appearance is important for landing a certain role, so is your pet’s.  They’ll need to fit what the casting director is looking for.  This means you shouldn’t bring your cat to an audition that is calling for a dog.  Or, if you have a pug, don’t bother showing up for an opportunity asking for a golden retriever.  Just because you think your pet has star quality doesn’t mean you can go against the rules and take them to every casting available.  Read each notice carefully just as you would if you were hoping to book a human role.

All About Marketing

You’ll also have to market your pet’s look, or brand, just the same as your own.  Make sure you’re posting on social media regularly and consider designing a personal webpage.  Build a portfolio.  Your pet has to be able to strike a pose or perform on cue and having the right marketing materials ready is key.

Some pets have really proven they have what it takes to make it in entertainment and they’ve made it into significant roles in film, television, and even in the modeling world, getting featured in a wide range of print ads.  It’s all about understanding that this is a career just the same and being prepared ahead of time, so you can sit back and enjoy watching your fur friend give it their all!

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