As fall approaches, you may be thinking – new season, new hair color!  What are the hottest shades hitting the streets as the leaves start to turn?  Take a look at a few of these options if you’re planning to switch up your ‘do along with your wardrobe in the months to come.

Deep Jewel-like colors

Dark pinks and reds, purples, plum, blue shades are likely to be all the rage as temperatures cool.  Semi-permanents will allow for a fade-away style change in case one of these proves to be a bit more than expected.  Those who are especially daring can intermix all of these shades in layers.


Both blondes and brunettes can easily sport this color.  This fall, darker honey tones are likely to be spotted with layers of different shades that pop.  Blondes that want to go with a deeper tint can opt for honey rather than going for a more dramatic brown color.  It adds just the right amount of golden brown instead.

Chestnut and Cinnamon

Red tinted browns are also increasing in popularity.  Colors like cinnamon and styles with an ombré accent on a darker base are coming back around.  These ‘dos add warmth to the face and pair well with a variety of skin tones.  You can opt to keep your natural color on top and pair it with a tinted bottom layer, or you can go for all-over change.

Strawberry Blonde

Both blondes and redheads can pull off this look.  Darker blondes can use earth tones such as auburn or copper to lighten up their look and add depth.  Highlights are a great option for redheads hoping to switch things up.

Radiant Red

Bright red will also be popular for those who dare to try a bold look.  This color draws attention to the eyes and brows and works well with warm skin tones.  The shade also allows for a temporary change for those with naturally blonde locks.  Red tends to fade in blonde over time.

Better in Blonde

Those who naturally have dark hair, even black, can opt for an eye-catching blonde to completely transform their façade.  Bleach blonde shades, as well as those a bit more toned down, are likely to carry over into fall.

The bottom line?  Autumn-like shades and cooler colors are hitting the streets as summer fades away, according to Elle.  Try one of these in-style shades as the weather cools.

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