If you love your time at the gym and your body shows it, you may be considering a career as a fitness model.  But, while you’re great at running laps and lifting weights, you may not know how to best get your start.  Here’s some tips from Shape Magazine.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get discovered.  And, while this typically means attending as many open calls as possible, there’s an easier route to take in the fitness modeling industry – entering competitions.  Many fitness models get discovered by entering bikini and body building competitions.

Social media is also a great way in today’s world for these models to get their start.  If you take really great photos and can flex your muscles for the camera, consider creating accounts you’ll use to garner as much attention as possible.  Many agencies and talent scouts now regularly browse the Internet looking for pages with the most likes and followers.

Once you’re discovered, expect to work hard like any other position in the industry.  This means, you’ll need to be prepared to participate in all-day photo shoots and sometimes take and retake a photo of the same pose over and over again.  It’s important to maintain your physique once you’re offered an ‘in,’ too.  Just because you’ve been signed doesn’t mean the hard part is over.  Agencies expect their models to maintain the look that got them there.  So, take care of yourself and continue to hit the gym regularly.

Lots of fitness models make additional income doubling as personal trainers, coaches, or instructors.  Not only does this put some extra cash in their pockets, but it ensures they remain dedicated to keeping fit and marketable in the fitness modeling world.

Remember that fitness photo shoots aren’t just fun and games – they can be incredibly physically taxing.  Prepare for any shoots by stretching your muscles and drinking plenty of water, and always make sure to move into a cool down routine once the camera stops rolling.  Take care of your muscles before and after each shoot.

It’s also important to remember to take care of your skin – you will likely be showing a lot of it if you become a successful fitness model.  Make sure to take a daily dose of vitamins, drink plenty of water, get adequate rest, and moisturize regularly.

The world of fitness modeling is highly competitive.  It is a very small niche in a large-scale industry.  Those who make it to the top tend to stay there as long as they can keep up with the competition.  Perhaps the biggest reward will be the care your body gets while you pursue your dreams!

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