As an actor, you’ll want to have a whole host of marketing materials “in your back pocket.”  These should include, but are certainly not limited to, a resume, head-shot, social media front, and an eye-catching website.  If you’ve never created a website before, this one can seem a bit daunting.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Here’s what should and shouldn’t be included, according to Backstage.

The first thing you’ll want to do (unless you have an endless amount of time and mad coding skills) is hire a web designer.  This will help to eliminate some of the most common mistakes actors make, including:

An unprofessional or outdated design

If the layout of your site screams amateur, you’re in real trouble.  You’ll want to steer clear from using an unprofessional font or color scheme, and you don’t want to make your visitors feel as if they’ve stepped back in time.

Not using your own voice

Don’t write about yourself in the third-person.  This will only confuse casting directors.  Your website is your website, so write from your own voice.  And, avoid using flowery language.  You don’t want to come across as self-important or conceited.  Talk about your hobbies and sprinkle in some humor.  Make your audience feel like they’re truly connecting with you.

Never updating

News flash, you can’t continue to use the same photos and information for the next few decades.  Online media is meant to be constantly evolving.  This means, you’ll need to understand how to easily update content on the back end or at least what will need updating so you can pass it along to a web designer.  You never want to present in person far differently than you do online.  This is a big no-no – both in the dating world and in the entertainment industry.

Once you understand what to avoid, you’ll want to know what to include.  It is essential that your site has all of the following:

Professional contact information

You’ll want to include a business email and phone number or your agent’s contact information.  You’ll also want to make sure those who are interested in booking you can reach you at all times.  This means you should never include an email address you don’t plan to check regularly or the main line of the gigantic corporation you work for.  You need to always remain accessible.

Your work

Embed related content, such as demo reel footage, YouTube videos, or an introduction video that welcomes industry professionals to your site.  Save a page for your resume and make it downloadable.  Also, make sure you include a bio, so visitors can easily get to know you.

Social Media Links

You’ll want to include the links to your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages among others.  And, make sure you keep these updated as well.  You’ll need to have a professional, unified online presence that is part of your branding strategy.

Your website is an important marketing tool.  Always expect it to generate a ton of traffic and continually maintain it.  With the wealth of content that can be included, it very well could be what gets you booked!

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