You’ve seen it all over social media I’m sure. Everyone from your first-grade buddy, to your best friend, to your grandma is posting and tagging friends in it. (Who doesn’t LOVE all the grandmas on Facebook!?) Have you posted a side by side of your photo now versus a whole decade ago yet? It’s a fun viral challenge, unlike that cinnamon spoon challenge or the Kylie lip challenge – yikes. Don’t worry Kylie, we know you didn’t start it! 

 This #10YearChallenge gives us a chance to scroll through old photos, remember the good times, and see how much we’ve grown and changed…or not. Have you seen Jessica Beal’s?! Or Fuller House castmates Lori Laughlin’s & Candace Cameron Bure’s? There has got to be something in the water! Of course, celebrities have access to about everything we don’t have; trainers, nutritionists, stylists, personal chefs, make-up artists and hair stylists, assistants, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and billions of people watching (aka judging) their every move. But even so, is it really having that access or just good genes?

 Some that stood out to me though, were of those who were all about embracing the years passing by. Bravo TV posted for The Real Housewives Of New York City women, beginning with Ramona Singer. The network jumped on board with photos from their first season beside current photos, captioning it “Like a fine wine, we just get better with time!” giving a nod to one of Ramona’s many taglines. Anne Hathaway’s compared her Golden Globe Awards photo from 10 years ago trying not to do anything wrong, alongside one at the 2019’s awards, boasting how she’s just doing what feels right! Even an award-winning actress, still couldn’t cover up the fact that whatever you feel on the inside often reflects on the outside!

 I haven’t posted mine yet, but I will. The question is, should I find a photo where I look the same as ten years ago, or simply one that shows off how good I feel in my own skin now?

Easy question!

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