Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an entertainment photographer?  These are the individuals who travel with entertainers and capture in-action shots used in new media distribution to promote the artist.  This means, the stills are used websites and social media accounts, and wherever else the artist wants to draw attention.

If this sounds interesting, you may be wondering how one gets their start in such a lucrative industry full of action and excitement.  Many entertainment photographers choose to be portrait photographers first, according to Fstoppers.  Portrait photographers are the individuals who are booked by artists looking for new head shots and lifestyle shoots.  A pretty cool starting job.

Other times, a career simply takes an unanticipated turn and by dappling in other areas, photographers find their niche in the editorial world.  Trying the portrait scene for a while will help you determine whether the profession is right for you.  Maybe you’ll choose to make the switch or maybe you’ll just stay put.  Maybe, after meeting with celebrities and listening to how they’ve pursued their dreams, you’ll realize you’re best suited for in-front-of-the-camera work rather than standing behind the lens.

Networking with clients will help you make the transition. Make sure to take a class of two and do your research, too, so you’ll understand basic editorial techniques.  Being open about your desire to transition and the fact you are just getting your feet wet could instill trust in the right client looking for new talent to partner with for marketing purposes.

Understand that a career as an entertainment photographer means you’ll have to be willing to travel and work long hours.  You may have to pull all-nighters to capture after-parties, concerts, or other events important to the artist.  You’ll need know what the artist is looking for specifically and realize that their marketing goals may need some guidance without limiting their own career vision.

You’ll be working under a lot of pressure and deadlines can be intense.  You won’t be able to stage a reshoot of a live event.  So, you’ll have to get the right shots the first time around.  Entertainment is all about the here and now, and the artist and his or her team will want the photos…like, yesterday.  Unlike headshots, you won’t have a few days to edit them perfectly.  Expect to hand over your work immediately.

If you have the drive and flexibility to be an entertainment photographer, the rewards can be incredible.  You’ll meet a lot of really cool people who can help you transition to other areas of the industry if desired. You’ll just need to be willing to work hard and go along for the ride.


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