If you’ve booked a job as a guest star on the set of a popular television show – congratulations!  That is something to celebrate.  It’s a big leg up in the industry, and likely to be a union spot.  Your nerves may be getting the best of you for this very reason, though, especially if this is your first big break.  Here is what to expect, from the experts at Backstage, so you’ll have an idea of how to act (no pun intended) on your first day.

First, you’ll likely be contacted by the wardrobe department and you’ll either be asked to come in for an in-person fitting or simply asked for your sizes over the phone.  Make sure you have your exact sizes handy ahead of time, so you’ll know for sure the wardrobe will fit if the department is just jotting down the numbers.  If you know there has been a major change recently, it never hurts to remeasure yourself.

Then you’ll be contacted by the second assistant director (A.D.).  This is your primary contact for almost everything, and they’ll get in touch with you either over the phone or via email.  Save their contact information right away.

The second A.D. will let you know what your exact schedule will be and will send you the call times for your shoot days, as well as where to go.  On your first day of work, get there early, find the second A.D., and report for work.  He or she will make a note of the time you arrived in case overtime becomes applicable.

Then, a production assistant will take you to your dressing room.  At this point, you’ll sign your contract, which is standard union paperwork.  After that, it’s off to the hair and makeup department.  There will be a whole team of people helping you to look your very best.

After that it’s a waiting game.  You may either be escorted right onto the set to start acting, or you will be taken back to your dressing room to wait for your time to shine.  If you’ll be waiting for some time, try not to do any damage to your perfectly intact new ‘do or face.  Don’t wrinkle the wardrobe.  Just wait patiently and practice your lines.  You can never do that enough.

When it is finally your time to actually do what you came there for, take a deep breath and give it your all.  You’ve got this!

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