If you’ve booked a modeling gig and you’ve been asked to come in for a fitting, there are a few rules to follow.  If it’s your first gig or the hundredth, it doesn’t matter.  There are guidelines for maintaining professionalism.

First, you’ll want to do some prep work looks-wise.  You’ll need to be freshly showered, wearing a transparent unscented deodorant.  Do not wear white deodorant that will transfer onto the clothing you’ll be trying on.  Make sure to wear only light makeup as well, have your hair neatly groomed, and wear clean undergarments.  Ensure you understand what shoes and accessories you will need to bring with you.

Always arrive a few minutes early.  It’s common courtesy to be on time, and you’ll want to get there with a few minutes to spare.  Plan on checking in fifteen minutes early and do so as soon as you walk through the door.  If you are late for reasons that are genuinely beyond your control, make sure to call ahead.  You may need to reschedule.

Treat this appointment like a job interview.  Never arrive chewing gum or smelling of cigarette smoke, and if you are over the age of 18, attend the fitting by yourself.  A parent should only be present for models who are still minors.

Always appear enthusiastic about each piece you try on whether you truly like it or want to cringe.  Never express your opinion about the attire you will be wearing unless explicitly asked.  Even so, it is best not to offend the designer if you want to keep the gig!

Remember to always try on a skirt or dress by slipping it on over your head rather than stepping into it.  This will keep it from tearing.  To avoid stains, bring along a scarf or makeup hood.  You can easily purchase one online in advance.

After trying on each item, be careful not to sit on them as you change and hang the pieces back on a hanger.  Never throw anything on the floor.  Assume what you’re wearing will be going back on the rack – this is the case for most items.  You are simply borrowing the attire – it is not yours to keep.

Before exiting the fitting, always thank the fashion coordinator for taking the time to meet with you.  Maintain a smile and a professional attitude throughout the entire encounter, and you are sure to be booked time and again!

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