There are some fall makeup trends that are coming back stronger than ever this year, as well as some new ones hitting the streets, according to InStyle.  Be on the look out for both the tried and true looks, as well as these trendy newcomers.

Pink Eyeshadow

By itself or paired with a matching shade of lipstick, pink is all the rage as the leaves begin to fall.  It works well on a variety of skin tones, helping features to pop.  If you have paler skin, try a brighter shade so the color really stands out.

Bright red

This is a timeless color that’s just as popular now as it was decades ago.  It’s back and bolder than ever this fall, complimented well by autumn’s natural palette.  Wear it with pale shadow and pink cheeks and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Gem accents

Jewels and gems are being carefully placed near the inner and outer corners of the eyes for a dramatic effect.  Create the classic cat eye with a bold-colored liner and add a shape to the outer edge.  This daring look is sure to get you noticed!

High Gloss

Nude lipstick topped with a gloss is still all the rage on the street.  Keeping your natural color and just adding a clear gloss or a shiny balm is great, too.  The look works especially well for those who would rather give more focus to their eye color.

Smoky Eyes

Speaking of eye color, smoky eyes are a trend that shows up every season and there’s no stopping it now.  The look is back and is being paired with some of the other season’s hottest newcomers – such as shiny lips and gem accents.  So, don’t be afraid to give your peepers some extra attention and use a deeper color as you transition to warmer attire.

Gold is glam

Gold is showing up in everything from business attire, to club wear, and even in the makeup routine.  The best thing about it?  The shimmery shade can be worn just about anywhere on the face if worn the right way.  Use deeper versions for the eyes and lips and add gold bronzer to the cheeks to complete the look.  The color accents the warmth of your skin, bringing it to the forefront.

Some of these trends are simple, some are over the top.  Some are brand new, and others are tried and true.  It’s up to you to decide whether they’re worth all the hype!