When you’ve chosen to follow your dreams, the journey always seems easier in your head.  You’ll get out there, get bruised and beaten, and have to get back up.  This is how you get courage.  No one can stop you from fulfilling your dreams more than you can.  So, what should you remember to do while you’re on your journey to the top?  Here’s some advice from Medium.

Don’t just think – act

If you want to model or act…you must act.  You already have the thinking part down – you’ve thought a lot about what you want.  But, opportunity doesn’t come knocking.  You have to get out there and find it.  If you get a few ‘no’s’ along the way – and, you will – don’t get caught up in your head about it.  Stay out there and keep trying.  Landing a gig is all about practice and determination.

Don’t just do it for the money

If your sole motivation to make it to Hollywood’s A-list is money, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  A very, very small percentage of entertainers become big-named stars.  This doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of opportunity out there, or that you won’t make it to that status, but you’ll have actually like what you’re doing along the way.  If you are only in it for the money, your frustration will show, and this will limit your ability to succeed.

Don’t do it for someone else. You have to also remember to pursue your career goals for yourself, not anyone else.  If you have a parent, spouse, friend, child, mentor, agent, or anyone else in your life you feel is pushing you to do something you don’t want, this is a big red flag.  Make sure you are following your dreams every step of the way.

Follow your intuition

Don’t be afraid to go after a goal because you feel like it’s meant to be.  By the same token, don’t be afraid to back away from a project because something doesn’t feel right.  Again, at the end of the day, you know what’s best for you.  No one else can make that call.  Follow your instincts.

Never get too comfortable

Don’t confuse comfortability with being happy.  Hopefully, you’ll reach a point in your career at which you can look back and commend all of your efforts for guiding you to a place of contentment.  But, this doesn’t have to mean you’ve reached your limit.  Keep pushing yourself to take on bigger opportunities – the sky’s the limit!

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