When you’re hoping to land a part, there are a ton of things that you can do right, and there are equally as many things that you can do wrong.  Here are some big ‘no-no’s’ to avoid when standing in front of casting directors.

Never opt for an over-the-top entrance

You’ll want to enter the room and slate just like everyone else, ensuring you get a solid vibe from those in charge regarding where to stand and when to speak.  Avoid cart-wheeling into the room or pretending to be announcing your presence at a big event.

Don’t try out for a never-in-a-million-years role

In other words, you’ll need to know ahead of time which roles would make a good fit and which ones are way too far out.  If look like a doctor, play the doctor.  If you look like a villain, own it.  But, don’t try out for the role of a young mother if you are a middle-aged male.

Keep your comments to yourself

If you don’t think someone else belongs there, let the casting director make that decision.  It’s not your call.  Don’t challenge anyone waiting to be seen to an act-off and don’t drone on about why you’re made for this.  Practice your lines and be humble.  Avoid any opportunity to rub the crew the wrong way before you’ve even given yourself a chance.

Don’t interrupt

If you have to use the bathroom, find the bathroom yourself and make your move quietly.  This isn’t grade school, and you don’t have to ask the casting director’s permission to go while you’re still waiting.  Interrupting anyone else’s opportunity is a major ‘no-no.’

Stop flirting

No one wants to be distracted by your attempts to get the model’s phone number next to you.  You may feel as if you’ll miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the date of your dreams, but if you choose to engage in inappropriate conversation, you are sure to lose out on a once in a lifetime career opportunity.

Stay cool

If you make a mistake, try not to sweat it.  It happens to the best of them.  And, never get so frustrated by your performance that you give up mid-way through and ask to leave.  Entertainment is a who’s who industry.  You’ll need to sweat it out and recover by using those skills you know you have.

When you’re asked to audition, come prepared, stay prepared by practicing while waiting your turn, and leave knowing how you can prepare even better next time.  Just be yourself and focus on the task at hand.  Following these tips from Backstage if you’re looking for even more advice.

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