Your eyes are one of the first things people notice.  They are the windows to our souls, so to speak, and speak volumes without ever uttering a word.  So, using makeup to dress-up these prominent facial features is a must.  And, everyone’s eyes are different.  Which is the best routine for your type?  Here are some tips from the experts at InStyle.

Close Set Eyes

The biggest thing to consider with close set eyes it to add balance and maximize the distance between the two.  Use a light, shimmery shadow on the area closest to the nose line and keep darker shades for the outside only.  Avoid adding liners all the way to the inner corners and opt for applying three-quarters of the way instead.

Wide Set Eyes

With these pairs, you’ll obviously want to opt for a strategy opposite to the one above and create the illusion that your eyes are closer together.  To do so, use darker colors near the nose and lighter ones on the outside edges.  You can also reduce the distance between the two by vamping up your lashes with mascara that lengthens.


The best way to spruce up this eye type is to focus on increasing visual interest at the area right above your lids.  Prep with a primer to help eliminate any chance of transfer from your lash line.  Then, apply eyeliner first.  Top with shadow.  You can consider adding a “cat eyes” for a more daring look.

Hooded Lids

These are relatively close to monolids and need nearly the same accenting.  Apply your shadow vertically to minimize the hood and highlight your lids with a light shimmery shade to add dimension.  Cat eyes will also help enhance a limited lid area.

Protruding Eyes

If you have large, round eyes that visually pop, considering a minimalist look with little makeup and nude shades.  Choose matte finishes over shimmer and natural colored mascara over a deeper shade. You can use the cat eye look, adding liner to the corners to ‘push’ eyes back.

Deep Set Eyes

Pull deep set eyes out with light colors on the lid and a warm option under the brow bone.  This creates an illuminating look that will bring them forward.  Mascara will plump up lashes, further pulling them out and a deep-colored liner can be used to bring them into the forefront.

No matter your eye type, there’s a routine that can be used to enhance your natural beauty and make your own perfect peepers pop.  Don’t compare yourself to the person next to you.  Focus on your own unique assets and apply your eye makeup accordingly.