My name is Brooke Toma, and I am a seasoned, Clinical Esthetician. I have been working in the industry since 2003, working alongside majorly respected physicians and professionals every step of my journey. This experience has inspired to share my feelings regarding proper protection of the skin due to the overwhelming out-pour of questions I have received regarding the issue.

I have some dire tips I wish to share regarding the sunny season. Updated tips on SPF we so rarely have here in the mitten. First of all, SPF is SO necessary regardless of how much melanin (color, tan/ darkness)  you have in your skin, and in your family. Absolutely no one is elusive from contracting any type of skin cancer ( Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma) none of which anyone wants to mess with.
The darkest of skin types are even finding it as a death sentence themselves. This is why protecting yourself properly is pertinent, not only for anti-cancer reasons but for anti-aging and MOST important preserving our children from future premature aging, skin cancer, skin damage and beyond, from harmful UVA/ UVB rays. But wait, there is more, not only do we need to get a high SPF on our bodies and on the bodies of our loved ones, but the ingredients inside what we choose to protect ourselves with are JUST as important. Listen closely, the ingredients that are in what we use to protect ourselves from harmful rays are JUST as IMPORTANT as using them in the first place.
Here is a list of ingredients to AVOID in your SPF:

Most chemical sunscreens in the US contain Oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is harmful because, it has been linked to fertility issues, obesity, and more. It was last reviewed by the FDA more than 30 yrs ago. Scary, no?

Oxybenzone-free alternatives include –
Available in several levels of protection, and also at Target. Bonus 😉
AVENE Mineral Light Hydrating Sunscreen
Multiple levels of protection. Non-irritating on any skin type. ( my fav brand for eczema/ extra sensitive prone skin)
Super clean, several levels of protection, & old school color yet it smells yummy. Miami Fav!
*Check the ingredients. A lot of the sunscreens this season are labeled on the front of the package as FREE OF CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS. Look for this and you should be okay. Still, always read your labels.
Um, if you are using anything on your body that lists this an ingredient. Please stop… Formaldehyde is the main ingredient in preserving dead bodies. If you think its okay to use on your living body, we need to have a one on one serious type of conversation. it’s just not good for you, okay?
Do I need to explain this one? Look up Flint water crisis if you need to be educated. Lord….  –  That’s a no, and probably not labeled anyway on the garbage you are using on yourself anyway because like #1 the FDA doesn’t really care. Look to the EU, and their regulations if you want to protect your health. #notsorry #truestory #FDA.
Also a “hormone disrupter” like OXYBENZONE. Did I mention that most cosmetics including sunscreen aren’t regulated? I usually go with what the EU recommends as far as what is acceptable on my face and body when it comes to cosmetics, including sunscreens. The FDA doesn’t exactly care if it has lead or causes cancer and you apply it to your skin or your child’s skin daily…. #FDA
Again, “hormone disruptors”, and also one you may be used to seeing these days as a “non- included” is –
While several products exclude these two from their ingredient list these days, please continue to check, and check and check again.
I only hope my tips give you the healthiest and most enjoyable carefree summer. I have my reasons for caring, and I hope you all take it to heart. Spending an extra $5 doesn’t serve me, I don’t work for these people, it is because I genuinely care for you, your skin, the earth, and humankind.
  •  Sun damage is the leading cause for pre-mature sun-damage/aging, irritation, (especially eczema/ psoriasis prone skin).
  •  It is way cheaper to prevent skin issues than it is to treat them after the fact.
  •  If you choose to take or ignore my advise feel free to contact me regarding treatments.
    This is not a free pass to disregard the information I just provided. 🙂
  • Not “tanning”, “laying out in the sun” without protection is not advisable. I always recommend UVA/UVB eye protection, and sun protective hats, as well. Especially, if you are on a skin regimen that includes any acid, retinol, retin-a. RX that requires extra SPF.
Check those ingredients!  NO CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS