There are a few new makeup trends hitting the streets this summer, according to Lisa Eldridge, Creative Director of Lancôme Makeup, and they’re certainly a cut above average.  Are you ready to courageously switch up your pallet?  Here’s the latest.

Magenta Lips

Think purplish-pink, bright and bold.  You’ll definitely make a statement in this shade.  It’s fun, curious and creative, and wears best for a night out on the town.  Purchase a long-lasting color so you won’t have to reapply as the color begins to fade.

Exaggerated Eyelashes

Forget about subtle accentuating – go bigger, much bigger.  Loading on the mascara and truly making your eyes pop is all the rage.  The effect should be similar to fake lashes but created naturally.  Applying will take patience as you add several layers to lengthen lashes to their fullest.  Make sure to pick up a waterproof version before your next trip to the beach.

Not your average brows

Brows have gotten more and more attention in recent years with enhancers hitting the market and allowing even those nearly nonexistent lines to stand out and compliment the eyes.  What a difference it makes to pay attention to this long-neglected feature.  Now, makeup artists are taking the trend a step further and applying unnatural color to the brow line.  Instead of the typical blonde, brown and black accents, tie-dyed colors are hitting the streets – yes, tie-dye.  These bright alternatives are added just above similar colors on the lids for continuity across the entire eye area.  Applying a layer of shimmer over top will complete the look.

Cat Eyes 2.0

Fitting right in with bright brows and luminous lips are lively eyes.  Pencils with colors that pop – such as yellow, bright red and orange, neon green, and pink – are being used to line the eyes in cat-like fashion.  As with the brows, this takes the previous cat-eye trend to a whole new level, using summer style rather than black, brown, or grey.  Pair your chosen shade with complimentary one just above.

The secret to nailing these trends is to drop any bashfulness and dare to shine like the summer sun.  Wear bright colors with bold outfits and footwear for added flare.  This makeup pallet pairs well with bright bikinis, too.  So, whether you’re soaking up some rays or getting ready for a fun night out, you’re sure to capture some extra attention.