Is your dream to make it big on television…commercials?  If you’re not so interested in sitcoms or talk shows, but really want to make it big in the commercial world, there are a few things you’ll need to know.  Commercial television acting, like any other type, comes with its own set of expectations.  From your marketing materials to how you present and your ability to fight through rejection, you’ll need to know how to separate yourself from the competition every step of the way.

Carry the Perfect Headshot

Commercial actors need to have a good idea of the personas they best portray and the demographic they’re targeting.  If you look like a tough guy, your headshot should reflect this.  If you are a computer nerd, own it.  Casting directors look for particular personalities in the roles they’re hoping to fill, and these are normally stereotypes.  So, it’s best not to fight it and let your uniqueness shine.

Have a Larger than Life Personality

If you’re lucky enough to schedule an audition, know the role your auditioning for intimately.  And, don’t be surprised if it’s exactly the persona you’re going for, which will make auditioning all that much easier.  Project the personality casting directors are looking for when it’s your time to take the stage.

Refuse to Just Go Away

If you get a “no” the first time, or second, or third, don’t give up.  Entertainment is a surprisingly tight-knit community.  If you stay out there and active, sooner or later, someone’s going to notice and perk up.  Also, if you’ve been auditioning for a while without luck, take this as a good sign.  This means, you have what casting directors are looking for.  It just may be that someone else nailed the role perfectly, or they are seeing you in another future role.  Getting noticed is a sign of successful, so refuse to stop.  Keep the momentum going!

Never stop studying

Watch T.V. and observe how others have pulled off the role they’ve booked.  Note the mannerisms of those who have been especially recognizable in the world of television commercials, such as The Most Interesting Man in the World or Progressive’s Flo.  What do they do differently that gets viewers to buy what they’re selling?

As with any other area of acting, the commercial route is competitive and will take hard work and determination.  Being prepared ahead of time will help you get a leg up, according to Backstage.

Looking for Auditions???

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