If you think you closely resemble a celebrity, this could help or hinder your entertainment dreams.  It all depends on how you look at it and which route you decide to pursue.  You can either you embrace your look-alike qualities, or you try to revamp your style to create a look that’s all your own.

If you’ve decided to use these features as a tool for making it big, there are many options for twinning.  Maybe you just have a knack for impersonating a celeb and hope to showcase your skills.  This is a great tool that can help you get your foot in the door.  Or, there’s a chance you possess both the looks and the talent that will remind someone of a certain Hollywood icon.

So, how do you get your start?  First, you should get in contact with a company that is centered around booking celebrity impersonators.  These individuals are often requested for parties and events, and sometimes hosts are looking specifically for a certain ‘celebrity’ to join in on the fun.

Donald Trump or Opera may be requested to emcee a corporate event, or Jerry Seinfield may be needed for a comedy night.  There are more opportunities than one might initially expect for those who can get into character and leave everyone guessing whether an authentic, well-known  personality made an appearance.

As with any other acting gig, take the time to hone your craft.  Study the character you’re impersonating – body language, mannerisms, the way this individual speaks.  Try to master the character with a certain degree of exactness.  You can even dress like the celebrity and take on certain lifestyle features that will allow you to ‘own the role.’

Owning your ability to look or sound like a Hollywood A-lister, politician, or another famous face is a great way to break into the acting world.  If you view this as an advantage rather than an obstacle to getting your start and pursue opportunities related to the likeness, you’ll be able to gain some invaluable entertainment experience regardless of the path you ultimately choose to take.

Of course, you may want to break character once you’ve followed this path a while, and you’ll have to branch out, researching other avenues and learning different techniques.  One of the best qualities any actor can possess is the ability to diversify and play a number of different roles.  Just because you look or speak a certain way doesn’t mean you can’t break this mold.  Talented actors do it every day!

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