There are many things you can do to get a leg up on the competition when you enter any kind of modeling contest.  Of course, there’s going to be many pretty faces out there, so you’ll have to have to have that “it” factor that separates yourself from the other contestants.  What can you do to ensure you stand out?

Memorize all of the rules and actually follow them

In many competitions, you’ll have to sport certain looks and you don’t want to be caught in the wrong outfit at the wrong time.  You also don’t want to take common missteps that might automatically disqualify you like wearing hair extensions when they’re not allowed, painting on the wrong color polish, or slipping on flats when you need to be in heels.  You want to draw extra attention, just not the wrong kind.

Remember, you’re being judged

So, follow everything you’re supposed to do.  If possible, ask to see a scoring sheet.  There might be some miscellaneous tasks you didn’t account for and it would be pretty disappointing to lose the competition because you missed a simple non-modeling guideline like keeping your station clean.

Don’t skip on finishing touches

Give some extra attention to your nails (fingers and toes), makeup and hair before the big day.  Make sure your skin gets some extra love ahead of time, too, so it’s glowing in front of the judges.  Invest in a makeup routine that will highlight your natural beauty and don’t shy away from sporting these features.

Be yourself

To some degree, yes, you have to get into competition mode.  So, you have to put your best foot forward even if you might want to be at home in your PJs.  But real confidence will always shine through.  Don’t be afraid to answer questions from your heart rather than having a line rehearsed ahead of time “just in case.”  Judges want to see someone who lights up a room because they present well naturally rather than a model who tries to stand in some kind of uncomfortable pose.

You’ve got this!  As long as you’re properly prepared ahead of time and aren’t afraid of giving this competition everything you’ve got, you have nothing to worry about.  Even if you don’t take home a signed contract, sash, or crown, you can be proud of yourself for giving it your best shot.  Always remember, too, that practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid of trying again!