There is a very popular and unique type of modeling that may or may not involve ever showing a model’s face.  It is largely misunderstood and has yet to be a good-to when one is considering a career in the business.  Yet, it is a very lucrative option.  This is “parts” modeling.

Some models have exceptionally beautiful hands, feet, legs, and other body parts that are perfect for clients to display their products in ad campaigns.  These three are the most requested parts for both sexes, according to The Balance.  However, there is significant demand for others, including lips, mouths and teeth, eyes, ear lobes, hair, and stomachs, to name a few.

Parts can be used in a wide variety of ads for many different types of businesses.  Picture a print ad campaign promoting equality in which the hands of multiple ethnicities are forming a circle, their fingers touching at the center.  A hand may be required for catching a door last minute in an ad, too, with the rest of the body positioned behind and out of sight, symbolizing “it’s never too late.”  Hands, fingers, mouths, eyes, and ears are often requested for cosmetic, beauty and jewelry campaigns, feet for athletic shoe ads, and stomachs for weight loss supplements.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Not only do you have to have an appealing part to play the part, but you have to know how to work it for the camera.  You may be required to do a motion over and over again or maintain a particular stance for a long period of time.  You may also be required to do some seemingly odd things, like moisturize twenty times a day, wear gloves everywhere you go, or completely avoid open-toed shoes.  You may have to do things that seem entirely impracticable, like never clean your house, wash the dishes, or cook.  This is because protecting the integrity and beauty of this “part” is the number one priority.

Normally, clients will require that hands, feet and legs are hairless, and nails are manicured.  Legs shouldn’t be overly muscular, and you cannot be sensitive to cosmetic ingredients or to certain types of jewelry.

Parts models can make big bucks.  This means, they can be in the modeling world without ever walking the runway or revealing any other features unless desired.  Of course, a model can also decide to simply add “parts model” to his or her resume along with a variety of other types of modeling.