If you are determined to make it big in entertainment but have an inherent fear of public speaking, you’re not alone.  You don’t have to completely give up your dreams.  But you do have to take the time to do what it takes to move past this fear and perform effectively.  The industry is all about being able to entertain an audience, so public speaking is a must.

The first thing you should do is prepare – and prepare some more.  Practicing your performance before you’re in the audition room is key to feeling comfortable once it’s time to showcase your skills.  Make sure to memorize your lines and the way you’re planning to recite them, paying attention to your body language and movements, as well as your pitch and presence.  If you practice your lines enough that you’re sure to nail them, you will be far less likely to get cold feet when it really counts.

An important part of preparation is understanding your audience.  Who will you be auditioning for and who will be watching your performance if you land the part?  It’s important to deliver an audience-appropriate audition.  So, keep this at the back of your mind the entire time you are practicing for the big day.  If you are on point with your delivery, you’re much more likely to get booked.

Of course, you want to remain open to feedback and adapt accordingly.  If you don’t land the part, fear not.  There will be other opportunities to practice your speaking skills.  Just make sure that you are actively listening to any feedback concerning areas in which you need to grow in order to do better next time.  It is important to not let it get to you and to ensure you are taking to heart what needs to be improved so you can nail future auditions.

Remember that everyone in the industry had to start somewhere.  They were all judged for their performances and all received both good and bad feedback.  Most are incredibly nervous before they have to perform for an audience.  This is just human nature.

Don’t let your nerves get to you and lose sight of yourself and why you’re doing what you’re doing.  It’s important to let your personality shine through.  This is what will set you apart from the competition.  And, if you forget a line or two, so what!  Keep pushing forward.  The more you put yourself out there, and easier it will get.

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