Who’s afraid of the big, bad sun?
We all should be.

The sun’s rays are lovely but can be very damaging to the skin.  We all know to grab a sun hat and glasses and lather up with sunscreen before hitting the beach.  But, there are a few other helpful tips for managing often-overlooked areas of the skin before it’s too late.

First and foremost, don’t forget about your lips.  Lips need to be well-shielded just as much as the rest of us.  To keep your pucker soft and smooth and keep it from peeling in the heat, make sure to apply a balm with high SPF before venturing out.  Since you’re constantly using your mouth for eating, drinking, chatting, and holding your breath under the waves, it’s important to remember to reapply while you’re out, too.

Carry a bottle of misting spray in your tote to keep cool, suggest the experts at InStyle.  The spray will hydrate skin and ward off any burn.  You can grab a bottle that’s comes packed with antioxidants and other nutrients designed to soothe your skin.

Another often-overlooked area is our scalp.  Just because it’s underneath a head of hair doesn’t mean it’s automatically protected.  It’s difficult to apply sunscreen to this area, but it’s important to at least wear a wide-brimmed hat and spritz your hairline with some SPF.  If you feel a burn coming on, wet hair and pull it back, spritzing the top with a zinc-based screen that will at least dry clear without leaving behind a greasy residue.  You can still top your locks with a ball cap.

If you’re going to be picnicking on the beach, bring along some hydrating foods to further soothe your skin from damage.  Pack melon along with lots of extra water.  Cantaloupe actually contains properties that boost your SPF and antioxidants that fend off the sun’s effects.

Don’t forget about your eyes, either.  This delicate area of skin can be especially susceptible to burn.  You’ll need to apply some sunscreen on your lids and at the base of your eyes, and make sure to wear some extra-large shades.  Reapply to this area right after a swim, too, and don’t forget about the bridge of your nose.  The top half of the face is often hit hardest by the summer rays.

Last, but certainly not least, apply sunscreen before shoving your feet into those strappy sandals and lather up your palms.  Often, we apply to the rest of the body, but completely forget these areas.  Sandals that expose our feet and toes do little to protect against the sun, and it’s important to remember to reapply to our busy hands frequently.

We can have lots of fun in the sun during the warm weather months, but it’s important to remember our long-term health and care for our skin whenever we’re out and about.