If you’re thinking about switching things up a bit and changing your hairstyle, there are a few cuts that’ve increased in popularity in 2018.  Let’s take a look at the most sought-after ‘dos for ladies first, according to Glamour.

The Strong Bob

This style, also called the ‘blunt bob,’ is just that – strong and blunt.  It makes the statement that sassy and refined is ‘in’ and no one messes with sass.

Chandelier Layers

For those looking to keep their locks long, layers are a perfect option for adding interest and depth.  Chandelier layers start high at the chin and cascade down to the tips.

The Shag

This ‘do consists of lots of extra layers throughout, great for curly or wavy manes.  It’s easy to care for – just scrunch and go – and looks both sassy and classy.

Wavy Lob

This is an often-requested style that compliments just about any face type.  It’s pretty and professional, and easy to wear, making it a perfect option for any diva.

Curtain Bang

First there were bangs.  Then, there are no bangs.  Now, make room for curtain bangs.  Fitting with the name, these are face-framing cuts that add a bit of style to an otherwise average ‘do.  You can run your fingers through them and they’ll quickly revert back, making this a low-maintenance, fun style.


Yep, this classic cut is still cool.  So cool, in fact, it’s increased in popularity this year.  The pixie has been a long-time fav in warmer weather.  It helps keeps your body temp cool and requires zero maintenance.  Roll out of bed and you’re ready to go.

Here’s some top style options for men:


This look includes short sides and long hair on the top.  The vintage style can be both edgy and sophisticated depending on how it’s worn.

The Mohawk

This style, and its close cousin, the faux hawk, are now hitting the streets more than ever before.  The punk-rocker ‘do is both trendy and edgy and can be slicked down or tied back in more professional settings.

The Comb Over

Not only great for covering bald spots anymore, many men are opting to go short on the sides and leave the tops long enough to comb hair from one side to the other, securing with styling gel.

 Crew Cut

Average Joes are taking cues from those in the service and opting to recreate this cut.  The shorter-than-usual ‘do is great for hot weather and leaves out the need for product.

Cuts can create an entirely new look and make just about any kind of statement you desire.  So, dare to change your hair with these trendy tips for 2018.


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