If you’re looking for a quick way to up the wow factor, there are a few things you can do to revamp your look in just minutes.  These don’t involve an expense shopping trip or a long-term commitment.  Check out these style quick-fixes that are sure to turn heads.

Get a new ‘do

Schedule an appointment at your local salon or opt for a spontaneous walk-in and trim.  Getting a new cut is a simple way to get noticed.  You don’t have to go for a drastic new ‘do.  Just add some layers or bangs or simply trim the ends and others are sure to compliment you on your efforts.

Pay some extra attention to your brows

Eyebrows often are an afterthought in the makeup routine, but they are more noticeable than one might think.  Switching up your arch or boldly accentuating it with a brow pencil will draw attention to the entire face.  Consider coloring brows if you normally have fair ones and you can instantly create a totally new you.

Wear all black

This attire is both head-turning and timeless.  Even though it seems like you’ve chosen to remain incognito, everyone seems to remember all black attire.  Dressing in a figure-hugging turtleneck, skinny legged pants, and black boots is a tried and true way to sport this sleek look.

Eliminate Autopilot

If you’ve been doing the same hair and makeup routine for years, this routine ultimately becomes a part of who you are, and the way others view you.  Choosing to switch up just one or two aspects of your routine can go a long way.  If you never wear eyeshadow, opt for adding some shade.  If your lips are always bare, pucker up and put on a bright color.  If you’re always wearing your hair down, try a new updo.  Never dress up?  Try it out!

Change your attitude

Sometimes all it takes is a little attitude adjustment to reinvent yourself.  If you’ve been down in the dumps, stressed out, or otherwise off your game, actively focus on changing your perspective and others are likely to notice you’ve chosen positivity.  Remember, smiles are contagious!

If you’re looking to reinvent your look, first look into why.  What is the root cause for wanting to take on a transformation?  Focusing on fixing the underlying issue or reason is the best way to make sure you’re letting your true self shine.

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