So, now that you’ve decided to pursue an entertainment career, things are busy – to say the least.  You are always on the go and are desperately in need of some quality time with your partner.  You finally have a night off, but you’d rather spend it at home than go out again.  What can you do without doing much?  What are some perfect date-night options that will help you rekindle the flame without going out on the town, so you can feel more connected before continuing onward in your busy routine?

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spend time together at home, luckily there are plenty of creative ideas that will help you two to reconnect without ever leaving the driveway, according to The Happy Wives Club.  Staying in your own space, after all, can induce comfortability and feelings off contentment – both very conducive for enjoying time with that special someone.

Do you like to cook?  How about together?  Come up with a meal plan in which you can practice your partnership skills by helping each other with each dish.  This way, when all is said and done you can revel in how awesome you are at helping each other out.  You can also find a meal that it a perfect pairing of your favorites with your mate’s so you both can be sure you’ve put together the best dish possible.

Get creative with your meals for some added fun.  Make something you would normally never attempt at home like sushi, roasted duck, fondue, or lobster ravioli.  Bravely make a smorgasbord of various dishes from your favorite restaurants and don’t stick to just one type, either.  Combine Italian with Mexican eats, or American classics with Asian treats.  You’d have a tough time having a meal like that all in one place at a restaurant!

Can you to agree on a movie?  Or, at least, on a genre?  Narrow down a list of options, pick your favorite and let you partner pick theirs.  Cuddle up and watch them both.  You an also opt for some more active options, like painting together, taking a long walk, or playing a board game.  If you want to take a more relaxing venture out, but still stick close to home, drive around a lake or to a park.  Turn up the music and watch the sunset, or just enjoy catching up on conversation.

It’s important to spend time with those you care about no matter how hectic life gets.  Having a supportive partner will keep you all that much more motivated to work to achieve your dreams.  Every once in a while, take a time out and show them how much their support truly means.

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