This summer has kicked off some noticeably eccentric – yet interesting? – fashion trends, according to The Cut.  Here’s a list of a few you may have spotted.  Which ones should stay?

Neck wallets

Forget about fanny packs.  Now you can carry your extra cash around your neck instead.  Wallets strung on lanyards have been spotted on the streets this year.  This unisex trend eliminates the need to carry a purse or worry about bulging pockets.  It’s easier to keep track of your money, too, when you’re ready to head to the register.

Tie Dye

These easy-to-spot patterns can adorn everything from t-shirts to tennis shoes, and scream ‘70s funk.  The look is often paired with retro sunglasses and a loud hair-do.  Kits can be purchased inexpensively, and dye can be added to an otherwise boring piece of clothing if you’re looking to switch up your look.

Prairie Dresses

These dresses are a bit more modest than the average sundress, providing the same amount of casual comfort.  If you dare, you can purchase those complete with yoke collars and ruffled sleeves, just like those from the olden days.  You can even twist your hair into an old-fashioned bun or braid.

Bike shorts

These shorts replace traditional yoga pants in the intense heat of summer.  They can be paired with waist-length shirts or cropped tops and are still great for exercising…or not.

Yolo Bolo

These ties add some eye-catching flair to the neckline of zipped up tops, or they can be worn more loosely as a necklace.

Three Oranges in Mesh Bags

Yes, that’s right.  For some odd reason, this trend has taken off and these bags can be seen everywhere.  Inside each are not one, not two, but three oranges.  The bags closely resemble those in which oranges are found in a traditional produce aisle but are a bit more purse-like and durable.  The oranges are, perhaps, used for a bit of added Vitamin C on the go.  Just don’t replace with another citrus or carry one too many.

High Socks

Soccer player-like socks have really taken off with colorful options all over the streets.  Some even include short sayings or logos that set them apart.  Dare to pair with short shorts or dresses for an extra trendy look.  They’ve also been spotted under newly trendy prairie dresses.

So, which one is the most eccentric?  Which will run its course quickly and which is here to stay?  You’ll have to be the judge.  If none of these resonate – hey, there’s always next year!

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