Getting Your Start in the Music Industry

If you have a great singing voice or can rap like no one’s business, have a knack for playing an instrument and can bust a move, you may be considering a career in the music industry.  You have the required skills, but how can you get your start?  Here’s some advice from the experts at

The first thing to understand is that music is your business.  This means, while you may need to hold down a 9-5 while you’re working your way to the top, music needs to be your focus.  This is your end-goal, dream career.  So, you’ll have to work a side job that is flexible while ensuring you put yourself in front of those in the industry as often as possible.

Showcase your talent whenever you can.  As an artist-entrepreneur, you’ll need to be prepared to hustle.  Attend every audition and consider enrolling in workshops that will not only help hone your skills but could introduce you to valuable industry connections and other artists who have insider information on how to get an “in.”

Don’t be shy.  Set up on a busy city sidewalk and perform.  Bust out a line or two the next time you’re at an event.  Cold call local bars and restaurants and ask to be put on the entertainment list.  The bottom line is, you never know who is in the crowd and might take notice.  It just takes one chance encounter to break in.  The more you get yourself out there, the more likely you are to be recognized.

You will also need to have an identifiable brand.  This means, you’ll need to develop a consistent image across all marketing channels that is in line with who you are as an artist.  Make sure your brand becomes recognizable on social media and this is the same brand you showcase in the real world.  Create a website, a Podcast, and anything else you feel could help you get noticed.  Always stay mindful of the image you are presenting regardless of where you venture to.  Live as if everyone is watching and waiting for your next move.

Steer clear of any opportunity that seems too good to be true.  If you are asked to wire money up front or are offered a pie-in-the-sky gig somewhere far away with little information, these are definite red flags.  Make sure you are making real connections with those you’ll be working with – then, be prepared to work it!

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