In this industry, how you present is everything.  You want to come across as confident and approachable.  So, when you’re networking or auditioning, it’s important to smile and look others in the eyes when conversing and answering the questions of casting directors.  It’s also important to carry yourself well, and this means, having good posture is key.  In fact, there are many benefits to having proper posture.

Researchers have found that proper posture – presenting tall and uplifted, with your shoulders back – makes for better decision-making.  Your brain gets a signal that you’re attempting to be confident and, thus, works double time to achieve this.

When you sit up straight, you’re also more likely to think positively and recall more positive memories.  This automatically shifts your mood, creating natural feelings of happiness and self-empowerment.  This not only elevates your mood, but also gives the body and brain more energy, so you’ll be better prepared to take on even the most challenging tasks.

Your posture also affects how others see you.  If you’re slouching all the time, this is an automatic indication to any observer that you either don’t care, aren’t motivated, or don’t really want the opportunity in front of you.  You could be seen as less capable or reliable, too.  This also pertains to how you carry yourself when you walk.

“Power walking” face-forward with your shoulders back is indicative of a motivated and authoritative mindset.  When you make a conscious effort to carry yourself this way, others will view you as capable, so you’re more likely to land gigs.

If you feel your posture could use a face-lift, there are many ways to work on improving it.  Some yoga classes focus specifically on posture.  Exercises that focus on building ab muscles can also strengthen your back and help you sit up straight.  You can also consciously practice sitting in an upright position, shoulders back, with your legs uncrossed several times throughout the day.  Avoid getting too comfortable by continually choosing to sit on a comfortable sofa or bed where it’s easier to recline and forget about the importance of posture.

You can also set reminders for yourself to straighten up while your surfing the web for gigs and your mind is likely to wander to other tasks.  Luckily, poor posture is fairly easy to fix, and the benefits are far-reaching.  So, take the time today to stand a bit taller, and this step toward self-care just might mean more success.

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