Bored of your usual ‘do, and want to achieve a hip new look for your hair?  Luckily, there are plenty of unique trends hitting the streets this year that have been real head-turners.

Leather Hair Bands

Who doesn’t like a good, reliable head band?  Well, it doesn’t get any more durable than those in leather.  These bands are easily paired with an edgy jacket of the same material and give off a big city vibe.  You can find options of any width waiting to be worn.  So, swipe a band or two, throw on those leather pants and black high heels and hit the streets!

Face Veils

They’re not just for weddings anymore.  Sheer veils of all shapes and sizes are covering faces, adding a finishing touch to the make-up routine.  They come in all colors and commonly include sequins or beads for added flare.  Veils are best for nights out on the town or formal events, such as theater performances, concerts, and yes, wishing newly-weds the best.

Monogrammed Hair Clips

Because, you want everyone to know you’ve arrived, of course.  These clips come in every letter, often etched in gems and sequins.  So, sport the letter of your first or last name to make sure you’re both easy to find…and remember.

Butterfly Clips

Yep, they’re back.  Or, maybe they never left.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  Butterflies are all the rage this year, adorning ponytails and buns or fluttering in free-flowing locks.  Embrace the summer season and partner these beauties with a sun dress.

Crocodile ‘Munchies’

Wait, are these making a comeback, too?  The classic clip is back and more popular than ever.  Larger clips are perfect for pinning back longer locks and smaller versions are great for shorter manes or half-up ‘dos.

Hair Feathers

Feathers add flare to any summer attire.  They can be casually worn while out and about or used to dress up evening wear.  These accessories give off a traditional Native American vibe, coming in a wide array of colors and makes owning more than one a must.

Bow Clips

Perfect for the girly-girl reminiscing about her youth, bows are cute and classy, and the clip version ensures you won’t have to constantly retie.  These accessories are great for dancers, too.  They add that finishing touch to ballet attire without the fuss of having to fix your ribbon mid-spin.

With so many new and returning options, gone are the days of hair boredom.  Grab a few and switch your ‘do as often as you’d like!