If you’ve done your research, gone to a few auditions or industry events, signed up for a workshop or two, or picked the brain of someone who’s already on the inside, your head may be swirling with all kind of information and maybe even some mixed messages about how to best get your start in acting.  What’s true and what’s not?  How can you make sure you don’t misstep on your way in?  Here are some lies that you may have been told, according to Backstage.

Jump right in, the water’s fine!

You can’t just show up to any audition you spot online because it’s nearby.  You don’t automatically qualify just because you are looking for a break.  Many times, you have to pass along your credentials first, including a headshot and resume, which will be vetted by a casting director who will contact you if you do, in fact, fit the role.  So, don’t jump into the mix underprepared assuming you’re going to get a chance to show off what you’ve got.  Read all of the instructions and make sure you are following audition directions to a T.  If the audition is by invite only, never show up uninvited.

Go big or go home

Sure, you could get a featured role the first time you decide to try out, but you are better off starting small and working your way to the top.  You’ll need to understand the general process and flow of things first.  And, you don’t want to come off as arrogant showing up for a significant spot without anything on your resume.  You’ll want to build this up so when you do walk in to audition for something potentially career-changing, your resume carries some weight.  Get your feet wet first with some smaller credits.

Move to where the action is right away

You don’t have to be in New York City or Los Angeles to start building your resume, either.  In fact, you might put yourself in a really bad position financially if you move to one of these very-expensive-to-live-in cities without a clear goal in mind and expect to be booked right out the gate.  If you know someone who already lives there who is willing to let you crash for a while and can show you around, great, but you’ll want to make sure you know exactly where your career is headed by the time there are bills to pay.

Getting your acting career off the ground is similar to getting your start in any other position.  Make sure you set clear goals, prepare yourself, and know what each job entails.  Read all instructions provided thoroughly and remain professional, and you’ll start to build your resume in no time!

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