Booked for a modeling gig and ready to be on set?  Are you sure?  Having set bag is very important, and what you pack inside is even more vital.  If you leave something behind thinking there is no possible way you’ll need it in the few hours you’ll be there, it’ll inevitably be the one thing you wish you’d packed.  Packing is a delicate balancing act, though.  You want to pack enough so you’re prepared, but not so much that it looks like you’re planning to take up residence at the shoot location. Here are some essentials to pack in your bag, according to Backstage.


Whether you’ll be inside the whole time, out in the cold, or under the sticky summer sun, it doesn’t matter.  You should always pack deodorant, just in case.  It’s natural to sweat, regardless of the atmosphere, when you’re nervous.  Pack a clear stick and apply as necessary.  Don’t bring along a brand that is sure to transfer onto each item you will be wearing.  You also don’t want to include a kind that isn’t effective.  It’s likely you’ll need to raise your arms a time or two to pose and you want to make sure your pits stay dry.

Baby Wipes

Baby or not, no one should leave home without them.  Wipes are handy for anything from getting the gunk off your hands after eating to swiping the circles from under your eyes or getting rid of stains on clothing.  These are a must to have with you.

Nude-colored Undergarments

The neutral shade is important so they’re not spotted under whatever the client wants you to wear.  It’s hard to account for lighting ahead of time, so flesh-colored garments are an essential failsafe.  Make sure to bring these along to all of your fittings as well as with you on set.  You might also want to include pasties.


Just bring along the most essential items for keeping blemishes hidden and your look fresh.  There may be an artist on set or there may not be, and you may want to do some touch-ups yourself even if you’re getting pampered.  Either way, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Tide to Go Pen and a Magic Eraser

Yes, you should bring both.  If you get a stain on your clothes, you’ll be thankful for the pen.  If the pen doesn’t work, the eraser will.  Having these handy may also save others on set from stains and score you some serious bonus points in the process.

Of course, there are many other things that you should include in your bag.  A water bottle, some snacks, headache and allergy medication, hand sanitizer, some floss, and a lightweight sweater are all great options.  Come prepared for anything and you’ll automatically eliminate a ton of undue stress.

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