2019 has reeled in some new and exciting fitness fads, according to MeMD.  It has been trendy to be fit for some time and keeping up with one’s cardio routine is essential for maintaining the energy needed to be always on the go.  2019 brings attention to inclusion and accessibility to all, modifying traditional exercise routines so everyone can benefit.  Here are some of the newest trends to keep an eye out for.


While the technology certainly isn’t new, new features are constantly being added to the wearables market.  Many devices now include advanced features such as mobile-connected personal fitness technology designed to individualize a user’s experience.  More fitness centers are also offering additional services through members’ smartphone apps, including the ability to pay monthly dues, book classes, and schedule time to meet with a personal trainer.  With today’s busy schedules to consider, the market is making it easier than ever before to commit to physical fitness.

Demographically Focused Fitness Classes

This year is ushering in more instructor-led fitness sessions, including pure barre and yoga and Pilates geared specifically toward middle-aged women.  Research has found this demographic, specifically, is looking for a way to join guided classes, and instructors are adapting their routines to focus on this need.

Medicinal Exercise

2019 brings with it a greater focus on viewing exercise as an essential component of one’s overall healthcare routine.  This shift emphasizes that getting in a few minutes of physical activity each day is just as important as scheduling routine visits to one’s primary care physician or eating a well-balanced diet.  Classes and gym memberships are becoming more affordable.  The American College of Sports Medicine has launched an initiative called Exercise Is Medicine, a campaign that highlights the new perspective.

Everyone’s In

Because 2019 brings more guided classes for a wider variety of participants, a focus on the essentialness of exercise as a key part of healthy living, and more affordability, this year is bound to bring more diversity to the fitness world.  Putting together exercise plans isn’t just the job of personal trainers and dieticians anymore, either.  Physicians will also be prescribing a regular routine in addition to any prescription regimen.

Yes, life is busy in the entertainment world.  But, with technology that is more accessible than ever before and new plans that promote gym memberships for all, it is possible to make exercise a priority.  So, stick to that new year’s resolution and make a commitment to self-care.